Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms

Many terms used in Internet Marketing may be Greek to alot of people.  I have compiled a list below to give you a basic understanding of what the terms mean. I will continue to update the list as time progress’.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization.  The steps you take to help optimize your website, and increase your online presence.

SERP’s:  Search Engine Results Pages.  The pages that search engines display, when a search query is entered into the search box.

Keywords:  Your website and each page on your website should be optimized for keywords. These keywords will be in reference to what someone might search for online.  Keywords can be determined through “keyword research”.

PPC: Pay Per Click. Refers to sponsored ads. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad.  These campaigns can be very costly if not run effectively.

Content: The information on your website.  Some “black hat” techniques for getting content is to copy and paste from other websites.  This is not a good method and ALL content should be original and written by someone who understands SEO practices. Content also includes video and pictures.

Alt Tags:  The information a picture or image displays when a mouse hovers over it.

Meta Title:  The Information displayed at the top of your web browser and usually the main title for SERP descriptions.

Meta Description: Tells search engines what the page is about, and usually the description displayed within SERP’s.

Thin Content: Thin content is usually described as not having much value, or being very non-descriptive.  Also not containing enough words to justify having a page.

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