What are these SERP’s things?

I hear lots of talk in the SEO world about SERP’s.  What the heck is a SERP?

SERP’s Stands for “Search Engine Results Pages”.  You may hear talk about where you rank in the SERP’s.  When you hear this, it is referring to where your website, blog, Facebook page, etc, appears on the Organic Listings of the search engines.

An Organic Listing, is a listing that you do not pay for.  Typically it is the top 10 results per page listed below the “sponsored” ads.

This listing is where the skills of a SEO expert come in handy.  We specialize in optimizing websites to help move up or appear within these rankings.

A SEO specialist can also help you optimize your ads if you are running or planing to run a pay-per-click campaign.