Tree and Lawn Marketing Services

Crosscut Marketing Services provides a variety of online marketing solutions for Tree Service and Lawn Care Companies all over the United States.  With experience in the Tree Service and Lawn Care Industry, you can be assured we understand your business.
Each client we work with will have a different set of Search Engine and Online Marketing goals.  We will work direct with you, to make sure we understand what your individual needs are.

Whether you are just trying to establish your online presence, or currently rank well now, we have online marketing services for you.  Each client proposal will be based on the needs of that client.

Tree & Lawn Marketing Services We Provide:

Website Design & Development:
Web design services include all aspects of setting up and maintaining your website.  Even if you do not currently own a domain name, leave the technical stuff to us, so you can run your tree care business.  If you already have a website but would like a quote on a re-design, please feel free to call 786-567-8733 or contact us.  All website are built from the ground up, with SEO implemented at each step.  This means when your Tree Care or Lawn care website goes live, it will already be optimized for the search engines.  From the ground up, we implement SEO strategies that have proven results.

Search Engine Optimization:
Our team stays current with all SEO best practices and only use “white hat” techniques.  We are constantly digesting information from the SEO world and implementing the best practices we have found show positive results.

PPC Campaign Management:
We can set up and run a Pay Per Click campaign to fit your budget.  PPC can be a great way to target your specific client’s, without having to rely on organic search results.  With our PPC management service, you will never have to worry about going over your budget, because someone forgot stop the campaign.

Video Marketing:
Video marketing and YouTube are huge.  YouTube is highly searched and can have a huge impact on search results.  Potential clients also have a way to see a preview of your tree work.

Social Media:
Social media marketing is a great strategy for building brand awareness, and gaining a following of people. Our Social Media team will set up the following social media accounts for you.

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn

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