What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  In general, it encompass’ everything you do online, to help promote your business.  It is usually refered to in the sense of where you rank on the search engines, hence the name.

There are really two versions of SEO.  Onsite and offsite.

Onsite SEO is everything you do within your website to optimize it.  Examples would be proper meta data information, alt tags on pictures along with picture optimization.  The biggest and most important thing you can do is to create keyword rich and original content.  Original meaning it is 100% unique, NOT copy and pasted from various sites around the web.  Keyword rich means when you write your content, the goal is to pick 3-4 keywords per page and focus on sprinkling them in.  You do not want to overload or keyword stuff as known in the industry.  Another thing search engines look at is the frequency your site is updated with new content.  For this reason it is advisable that Tree Care and Lawn Care companies try to blog.  Each blog post is new and unique content.

However SEO is not just related to your website.  Yes you do certain things like keyword research, proper alt tags, meta title, meta description, and so on.  But if you really want to dominate the search engines and rankings, you need to look at Offsite SEO.  There are other things like link building, video posting, blogging, twitter, facebook, pinterest, and other social media sites to help build your online presence.  We are not saying you need to have an account with every social media site and post to it, but there are things to do if you want free advertising.

These things can get time consuming and overwhelming, not to mention you do have a business to run.

We recommend focusing on the 5 following items, as a way to establishing your online presence.

1. Establish user friendly website. Start with SEO 101 techniques. Like proper meta information, alt tags, picture optimization, anchor text, and keywords.  Concentrate on creating unique content.  Remember, CONTENT IS KING!

2. Create a YouTube account and post videos to it.  They do not have to be professionally done pieces of art. Within the tree service and lawn care industry, companies could be posting multiple videos per week.  Each video posted creates content and keyword rich text.

3. Establish a Facebook page for your business.  Here you can show what you are doing and offer deals for followers.

4. Blog away! If you are a writer, blog about what is going on in your industry.  If you’re not a writer, maybe a member of your staff has always wanted to blog.

5. Tweet, tweet. Yep, Twitter. Tweet pics, and what you’re doing now.

I know all this seems like alot to watch over.  And you may be asking, “isn’t all the tweeting, facebooking, and blogging, redundant?” YEP! It sure is.  However SEO is all about creating unique content, through various avenues of the internet.  Start out by creating a game plan, and find people to help.  Do you have a foreman who seems tech savvy?  Maybe he/she wants to tweet for your company.  Maybe the secretary wants to blog, and a salesman loves Facebook.  The content you post through each avenue will be unique. Eventually each of these avenues increases your web presence by showing up in search engines.

The more times your tree care or lawn care company appears in Search Engine Results Pages, also known as SERPs, the more likely a customer is to find you.

Remember, Crosscut Marketing Services can help with establishing and maintaining your online presence.  Give us a call today to have all your questions answered.  786-567-8733.

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